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      Want to know more about joining the Crew? 
      Here’s what you need to know. We run an annual Crew search in the late months of each year. We also have a team constantly on the lookout for dancers who standout throughout the year that can be scouted at any point. A great way to get noticed is to make sure you are a customer of the brand. Tag us when posting in the brand. Be active on our social media as well as posting on your own. We have a Hype Girl program that will run a search in mid-March for girls that have caught our eye and are on our radar. This is a great program to get to know other dancers, meet the Crew, and get some great perks in the process. Always feel free to DM us at @oh_la_la_dancewear if you ever have questions. Remember to tag us when in the brand and use #ohlaladancewear #ohlalasharethelove to get noticed.