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      Don’t know what size to order? No worries...we will guide you to make a good first choice. Remember, no one will fit perfectly into every piece as everyone’s body shape is different. Use these suggestions, to help find the fit you are looking for.

      1. Measure your chest (around your largest area), waist (around your smallest section) hips (go around your bottom), and girth (start at the shoulder, take the measuring tape down through your legs, and back up to the shoulder where you started).
      2. Locate your measurements on our size chart. You could end up having a CM in some measurements and a CL in others. That’s ok!
      3. If you want to buy a top, use your chest measurements. If you want to buy a bottom, use your waist and hips measurements. 
      4. If you want to buy a leotard, use your girth measurement only (as this is the most important).

      Next, ask yourself, what kind of look in the dancewear do you prefer?

      1. If you want a slim and best fitting look, order down a size. This fit would be best for photography or a special audition. You might only wear this dancewear for that one special occasion.
      2. If you want to wear your dancewear to class and want growing room, order your normal size based off of your measurements.

      Please remember that this is a suggestion. We cannot guarantee that the fit we have suggested will be the fit you are hoping for.