Natalie is an 11 year old competitive dancer who lives with her dad, mom, and older brother in southern California.  She trains at Pave School of the Arts and is part of their competitive team program.  She dances between 18-20 hours a week in all genres of dance.  In addition to the competitive commercial program, she is also part of her studio's ballet company.  Natalie loves conventions and has won numerous scholarships including Radix Core Performer, Nuvo Breakout Artist, and 24/7 Non-Stop Dancer.  She is also proud to consistently place in the overalls this season with her contemporary solo.  One of her long-term goals is to attend NYU's Tisch School of the Performing Arts.  To live in New York would be a dream come true!  When she isn't dancing, Natalie loves spending time with her family and friends.  Her favorite hobby is learning to sew, so she can make her own clothes and costumes.