Morgan is 12 years old and has been ­čĺâdancing and doing gymnastics since the age of 3 years old. ┬áMorgan transitioned into the dance competition world when she was 5yrs and loved being on stage and being her sassy, silly, entertaining self. ┬áPeople would come up to her from other studios and perfect strangers to compliment Morgan on how fun she was to watch on stage. She's known for her jazz solos and her photogenic pictures on Instagram (@morganlandrigan).

Morgan trains in all genres of dance (ballet, jazz, hip hop, and core training). ┬áOn average she's 20 - 25 hours/week training locally and traveling all over LA for classes. ┬áMorgan goes to public school, competition dance, auditions, and works while living a healthy normal kidsÔÇÖ life with friends as well as volunteering and being a teacher assistant at our local dance studio "The Urge Dance Complex".

When Morgan was 9yrs old, she got signed with talent agencies in LA (Zuri Model Agency and Go 2 Talent Agency). She immediately booked a job and the rest is history. ┬áMorgan has danced with Mariah Carey and worked with the top choreographers in LA. ┬áMorgan was invited to Utah and was part of a great musical video with Sofia Wylie from "Andi Mack". ┬á┬áMost recently she has been seen on ­čÄČ2 episodes of Raven's Home on Disney Channel and will be on Season 2 of Lip Sync Battle Shorties for 5 episodes. ┬áSo many projects I can't name them all besides most are top secret until they air on TV­čô║. ┬áWhen Morgan grows up she wants to continue training and evolving into a choreographer for the next generation of dancers.┬á ┬áShe may also take up a career helping and caring for animals.